Hunted Cow Unleashes Hell

Hunted Cow Unleashes Hell

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 16.04.28Hunted Cow are back. After a fallow period of, oooooh, almost a fortnight, since the company’s last release (Eldevin on Steam), Scotland’s hardest working development studio is back with a brand new adventure.

HELL is a turn-based fantasy game in which the players will take command of both factions in this epic confrontation between the Devil’s army and the sacred heroes of the Order of Light. Every unit has a unique function on the battlefield so players will have to judiciously mix the unique abilities and specific strengths of their magic and military squads to be victorious. Tactics is the key word in HELL, and this is supported by a vast array of units, active and passive abilities, a level up system, and an engaging combat system with flanking and zone of control features.

Developed by Hunted Cow in conjunction with noted strategy games specialists Slitherine, HELL is OUT NOW for Windows and is available on Steam – so just the 76 million potential players then…


  • Explore vibrant fantasy realms, play through gorgeous vistas from lush forests, swamps and Hell itself.
  • Get into the action with intense skirmish combat, and use your tactics to outsmart your opponent.
  • Myriad layers of strategic features including, terrain characteristics, support units, zone of control, level up bonuses and special abilities!
  • Control a vast array of units from powerful Paladins and Gryphons to Demonic imps and Giant Behemoths from the very depths of Hell.
  • Your troops gain experience from successful attack and defend actions which can provide important boosts to units mid-battle.
  • Command an elite group of soldiers in an epic story driven campaign featuring both the defense of the realms of men and the invasion of Hell!
  • Varying mission objectives require a range of strategic skills, protect bases from being overrun, capture and control key points or simply wipe out the enemy forces.
  • Online Multiplayer, play against your friends or strangers in a wide array of multiplayer maps.


Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 16.04.48Of course, there’s HELL to pay. However, because they’re lovely people Hunted Cow and Slitherine are offering a 34% discount for the next 48 hours, which reduces the price of Hell from an entirely reasonable £22.99 to a heavenly £15.17.

Don’t think this is the end of it. The company’s partnership with board games companies is nearly ready to bear fruit and one or more new titles are quite likely to hit a platform near you sometime before the end of the year…

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 16.05.13HELL (Windows, Steam) – £22.99/£15.17 (if you’re quick)


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