Introducing – Terrier Studios

Introducing – Terrier Studios

logo-terrier-webThere’s a brand new games studio in Dundee. Terrier Studios is a new company, founded by William Hazle. Terrier already has three games on drawing board and one in pre-production.

The studio is promising that it will create it’s own new and original intellectual property across a suite of casual games, covering a variety of genres and platforms.

William Hazle, the founder of Terrier Studios told us:

We’re all about fun, colourful and accessible games. Our first two titles will follow the ad-supported model, which for the customer means, they’re free. But we’re not going to be limited to just one business model, we’ll choose the correct one for each title. It’s all about quality content with a high level of polish, delivered in the optimum manner.

You can find out more about Terrier Studios on the company’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account. You can also follow the latest updates from the company on the Terrier blog.

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