Kobojo Unveils ZODIAC At Tokyo Games Show

Kobojo Unveils ZODIAC At Tokyo Games Show

Kobojo, the new Dundee studio which was revealed a few weeks ago is today giving the world a glimpse of the new game it’s working on, at the Tokyo Game Show.

10660220_831222973575734_4983894372223884609_nDetails are currently few and far between, but what we do know is that the game will be called Zodiac and according to the game’s Facebook page, it will be: an online, persistent RPG game, created by Kobojo and legendary Japanese developers.

10599437_831661503531881_6138927188645539825_nA world exclusive preview was given to Japan’s Famitsu magazine, which shows the game being played on PlayStation Vita, with screenshots of the game in action on display, the Kobojo stand at TGS and what appears to be an iPad or tablet version of the game as well.

That’s everything we know so far. In the meantime you can find out more on the Kobojo website, the Zodiac Facebook page or, you can see the Famicom gallery here.

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