Scottish Games Network – The Future

Scottish Games Network – The Future

TeacakeToday’s the day. The referendum is happening. Whatever your vote. Whatever your affiliation or belief, we are a more than an industry, we’re a community – and a group of people I respect and enjoy working with.

It’s been nearly a year since I relaunched the SGN as an industry body. In that time, I’ve spoken to nearly every part of the industry. In Scotland and across the whole of the United Kingdom. I’ve tried to identify the issues facing the industry as a whole and Scotland specifically.

I’ve gone out beyond the usual confines of the games industry to find out more about the environment that we work in. I’ve spoken to and represented Scotland’s games industry to the public sector, government, parliament (Scottish and British) and tried very hard to make sure this group, this community and this industry is represented inclusively and collectively.

Many people have asked when they can join. Where’s the membership? What’s the actual plan, Brian? I’ve put off asking for money several times because the one thing which has become very clear in the last twelve months is that this is a far more complex and interesting opportunity for the games sector than anyone imagines.

Representation and advocacy. Fine, sorted. That’s a given. However, coming to everyone and asking for money is a big thing. I want the SGN to offer real, practical benefits. I don’t want to run into the issue of over promising, or not delivering something which helps YOU. Whether you’re a developer, student, technology provider, public body, freelancer, business supplier or… other.

So, the second stage of all of this may have been a long time in coming, but it is coming. And it involves every one of us. Whether Scotland votes for independence or not.

I’ll be in touch with everyone in the next couple of weeks outlining how we take things forward and looking for participants and people willing to help the games industry in Scotland grow, evolve and prosper.

It’s our network, it’s our industry. It’s up to all of us what we want that to mean.

Thank you for all of your support so far. Now comes the exciting bit…


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