OUT NOW – Sky Patrol

OUT NOW – Sky Patrol

Dundee’s Beartrap Games has released its first original new title. Sky Patrol is now live and exclusive on Windows Phone.

Sky Patrol is an action-packed strategic shooter that puts planes in your pocket. The game features 50 explosive levels, masses of offensive, defensive and entirely destructive weapons and ‘strategic weapon deployment and path creation’ though we’re not entirely sure what that entails. Blowing stuff up we hope…

The game is also being showcased in the new Indie Game are at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show.

SkyPatrol_BannerThe primary objective is to protect your convoy as it travels through enemy territory with countless enemies and targets to ‘take care of’ (blow the living crap out of) all at once.

Your flyboys have an entire airborne arsenal or armaments to play with – each carefully designed by the military/industrial complex to deliver targeted destructive munitions, while minimising collateral damage to congressionally agreed levels.

SkyPatrol_Screen7Gordon McLean, Technical Director at Beartrap Games, commented:

In Sky Patrol, we really wanted to create a high quality game which we would both enjoy playing and showcases the quality which Beartrap Games’ delivers! We’ve combined a couple of classic titles, added a real modern and fresh approach – and of course that essential Beartrap Games polish!

Partnering with the teams at Microsoft and AppCampus, this is the Scottish Studio’s first major release. Beartrap is already announcing their next project in the very near future.

Beartrap Games has partnered with Chorus Worldwide to release localised versions of the game in Japan and across Asia later this year.

sky_patrol_screen3Shintaro Kanaoya, CEO at Chorus Worldwide told us:

Chorus are delighted to be taking Beartrap Games’ Sky Patrol to TGS 2014.  We know that the selection panel received over 300 entries and Sky Patrol was one of the select few chosen.  This highlights the quality of the game, and also the increasing acceptance of Western-developed titles to the world’s largest mobile gaming market.  We can’t wait to show off Sky Patrol and see the reaction from the fans over the show.

You can find Sky Patrol on the Windows Phone Store here! iOS and Android versions will follow later this year.

Sky Patrol – (Windows Phone) FREE

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