Fly Through Dundee’s New V&A Museum

Fly Through Dundee’s New V&A Museum

Dundee’s Live Visualisations is the creator of a new, interactive representation of the city’s forthcoming V&A museum.

The fly through of Kengo Kuma’s distinctive and ground breaking design shows the museum’s galleries and spaces.

Live Visualisations uses games technology to create photo-realistic and accurate representations of physical spaces. These can be used by companies for a wide range of purposes from promotional (like the V&A) to training and education.

Live Visualisations was founded by Chris Bradwell, a veteran of Dundee’s games sector.

Chris told us:
My vision with Live Visualisation is to expand the use of the fully interactive experience beyond its almost exclusive use in gaming entertainment and take it to other sectors and industries that could use it to great effect, thus opening up the use of accessible, easy-to-use, real-time interactive-3D digital media to make a positive difference.

Live Visualisations is now pro-actively looking for companies and organisations interested in using full 3D models of facilities and venues.

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