Hunted Cow Wants YOU (To Make Boardgames)

Hunted Cow Wants YOU (To Make Boardgames)

HuntedCow_PreviewDevelopers! Student teams! Game development societies! In fact games makers of all descriptions! Here’s a unique opportunity for you to work with on a whole range of new games – in a way you may never have considered…

Last month we reported that Hunted Cow had signed a deal with American board game designer and manufacturer Victory Point, the creator of games including Dawn Of The Zeds and Legion Of Darkness.

Now you have the opportunity to work with Hunted Cow – and partners HexWar, to bring some of those games to the digital world…

The Cows are looking for companies to develop some of the board game properties for mobile devices.

VPG_logo_RedSo now’s your chance to join the Hunted Cow team for tea, coffee, home-bakes and a short presentation on their mobile game engine and licensed board game IP and how you can get involved with it by working together.

  • There will be an overview of WHY this is a great opportunity for small studios and student teams.
  • We’ll cover in detail the types of games we have available, ranging from niche wargames to the zombie apocalypse!
  • Part of the session will cover Hunted  Cow’s mobile game engine. The team will demonstrate how YOU can build a 2D hex-based game without being a programmer.
  • Hunted Cow will then take you through their approach to MARKETING the games.

image37Who should come along?

Any game development studio or student team with an interest in collaboration and working on licensed board game IP or using Hunted Cow’s successful mobile game engine.


Tuesday 16th of September 2014. Dundee. There are two sessions, an early(ish) one at 12pm or late at 5pm in the Tay Suite in the Malmaison, Dundee. The presentation will only be around 30 minutes followed by Q&A’s and time for one to one discussions with the team.


Book your free ticket via Event Brite for either of the two sessions to confirm your place.


If you would like to book a 1:1 session in advance of the meeting please add a note to your Event Brite booking or let a member of the team know after the presentation.

Unable to attend that day?

Email and the cow’s will do their best to arrange a get together some other way.

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