Outplay’s Bubble Blaze Hits 10M Downloads

Outplay’s Bubble Blaze Hits 10M Downloads

Outplay’s bubble-bursting, dragon saving arcade adventure Bubble Blaze has been downloaded a whopping ten million times since the game launched in November 2012.

Released across multiple app store and platforms including the Apple App Store, Amazon, Google Play, Samsung and Nook, Bubble Blaze has been updated on an ongoing basis since its initial release and now boasts over 170 levels.

bubble blazeThe game has been localised into six languages – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

Bubble Blaze is free to download and features tiny dragons, bubble, rainbows, a dastardly knight and of course billions and billions of of blazing bubbles.

Bubble Blaze is available now for free across Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung and

Bubble Blaze (Apple App Store) – Free

Bubble Blaze (Google Play) – Free

Bubble Blaze (Amazon Appstore) – Free

Bubble Blaze (Samsung Apps) – Free

Bubble Blaze (Nook) – Free

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