Versus Scotland Bringing eSports Smackdown To GES

Versus Scotland Bringing eSports Smackdown To GES

GES_logo_KVisitors to October’s Game Expo Scotland will be able to compete head-to-head in games such as Mario Kart 8, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and recent indie hit Gang Beasts, thanks to an agreement between GES and Versus Scotland (the country’s leading fighting game community).

Visitors will be able to choose from:

  • The Fun Zone gamers will get to play an incredible selection of current and retro games, topped off with a Mario Kart 8 session taking place on the big screen!
  • The Casual Zone gamers can challenge friends and rivals at a wide range of fighting games including Capcom’s finest Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Namco Bandai’s tense tag battler Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and hilarious indie brawler Gang Beasts.
  • The Ultra Zone on Saturday will be treated to Frame Trapped creator Tom Piddock, as he brings interactive tutorials and guides to help gamers learn how to play some of the best fighting games around, including Ultra Street Fighter IV.

international_karate_5The Ultra Zone will also showcase exhibition matches from top fighting game players, including some of Scotland’s best, such as Milligano, Bigfool, Breslin, and Faker, so you can learn how the top players compete and win.

On Sunday The Ultra Zone will stage an official Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Tournament! This is the prime opportunity for gamers to show off their Ultra Street Fighter IV skills!

No matter what your skill level, novices and pros alike can step up and put their skills to the test and fight for glory.

bonestorm-blogBut wait, there’s more. It’s not just GLORY… the winner will get seeding points to the global Capcom Pro Tour – the most desirable destination for competitive fighting games.

Specific details on all the available games and tournaments will be revealed in due course, so stay tuned to Game Expo Scotland’s Facebook and follow @gameexposcot on Twitter as well as the GES blog.

Tickets for the event come in three fabulous flavours…

  • Day Tickets – As the name suggests, give access to the Expo for the Saturday or Sunday
  • Weekend Tickets – Keen gamers can pick up tickets for the whole event and come both days
  • Priority Tickets – Get in before the crowds, an hour early and play the latest games FIRST

While Day and Weekend tickets can be purchased on the door, Magdala Media, organisers of the expo are STRICTLY  limiting the number of Priority Tickets. There are only 660 priority places available – and when they’re gone – you’re out of luck.

Ticket prices start at an astonishingly reasonable £10 for a Day Ticket. Weekend tickets are an even more reasonable £18 and Priority Tickets are a must for any self-respecting game fan, at £18 for a single day, or £35 for the weekend. Get in! Oh and the organisers have junior tickets for visitors under the age of ten ENTIRELY AND TOTALLY FREE!


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