One Week Left For Games Companies To Apply To Challenge Fund

One Week Left For Games Companies To Apply To Challenge Fund

Creative-Skillset-Logo2Creativity is big business in the UK. According to recent research, one in every 12 new jobs in the UK are now found within the creative economy, with the UK games industry playing a major part in the success.

That’s why there’s never been a better time for games companies to apply for co-investment in skills, training and development through the Challenge Fund in order for the industry to continue its growth.

Managed by Creative Skillset, the Challenge Fund is a straightforward and direct route to access co-investment ranging from £10,000 to £500,000 to support companies in delivering creative, practical and innovative ways to boost skills and develop diverse new talent.

The Challenge Fund gives creative companies, including those producing, marketing, publishing and distributing games the opportunity to create practical opportunities for skills development for both existing and new employees. Companies can apply for support for bespoke training schemes, apprenticeships, management and leadership training, professional development for employees and freelancers, and more to develop their business. Creative Skillset is there to provide expert support and guide companies through the process of applying.

Creative Skillset welcomes and encourages applications from a range of large and small companies, either individually or in consortia for the games industry or across other industries such as TV, film and VFX.

Games companies can also receive 50% subsidy from Creative Skillset’s Funded Training to send their employees on a range of courses that respond to critical skills gaps and shortages for the games industry. Details of the investment, and the selected courses, can be found on the Creative Skillset website:

For more information about how to apply to the Challenge Fund please contact:

Brian Baglow,

Fergal McBride, Industry partnerships Coordinator,

The Challenge Fund is also available to TV, film, and animation production companies as well as VFX companies.

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