Incandescence – Coming Soon

Incandescence – Coming Soon

Incandescence_Promo_ImageNews has reached us that Guerilla Tea is challenging Hunted Cow’s position as the country’s most prolific developer. The company’s next release will be something called Incandescence – and it sounds… very different.

Guerilla Tea’s press release (yes, the wrote a press release and sent it to us – for a game which is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT!) tells us:

Inc_screenshot3 - smallIt’s a wild and unusual game combining furious finger tapping, with crazy lighting effects.

Drum your fingers against the mystical crystal object, and it’ll begin to emit a weird and wonderful light show. As your score shoots up into the 6 or even 7 figures, the more trippy the effects get!

The only thing holding you back is your rhythm and stamina. Train yourself to beat that hi-score!

Inc_screenshot2 - smallSo, that’ll be… rhythm action? Umm, something? We’re hoping that it’s something like the classic electronic toy Simon, but one created by the team behind Pink Floyd’s stage shows, with a healthy dose of Groove Coaster. Or something else entirely. We really have no idea. But it sounds intriguing. And it looks awesome.

Inc_screenshot1 - smallIncandescence is coming soon to iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

We shall keep you informed.

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