OUT NOW Free The Network

OUT NOW Free The Network

The interactive adventurers at Pixel Blimp in Dundee are celebrating the launch of their latest title, Free The Network.

It’s an endless runner, which combines the ball-bearing-based blitzkrieg of Impossible Road, with the high-speed pixel perfect precision of Super Hexagon.

screen568x568 (2)Players must guide their mystical orb of righteous wonder through a flat-coloured landscape populated solely by stark black obstacles – the slightest touch of which means disintegration and death.

The further you go, the more points you score. Simple. Players can choose from tilt or touch controls. Both offer equal amounts of thrills, excitement and endless, finger-numbing, tooth-grinding, government-worrying, highly-caffeinated frustration and angst.

Yes. Angst. When you stare into the brightly coloured void, sometimes the void smiles and waves and you miss the damn big black column that you could have sworn, SWORN that you were going to miss. But you didn’t.

screen568x568 (4)Free The Network has a stylish, flat colour punky aesthetic and a rather splendid glitchy soundtrack. The game is FREE to download and play, but players can purchase packs of ‘flags’, which act as checkpoints, allowing players to continue from their last point of death…

You can find the Pixel Blimp team online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Free The Network is OUT NOW for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

screen568x568It’s excellent. You should try it.

Free The Network (iOS) – FREE

Free The Network (Android) – FREE

Free The Network (Windows Phone) – FREE

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