OUT NOW: Avatar Runner And Mashapocalypse

oxygen addict i make gamesOne of Scotland’s most prolific, yet relatively unknown developers is Richard Adams, aka Oxygen Addict. He has released over twenty titles, covering a wide range of genres and platforms, from the hedgehog-based adventure of The Legendary Tales Of The Heroic Dan McSpikerton, to Sick Kids Save Point: Hospital Quest, created to support the games-based charity.

Now Oxygen Addict’s back with two brand new titles for Xbox Live Arcade’s Indie Market.

Avatar-Runner-1024x768 First up is Avatar Runner – an endless runner featuring your own, your very own, Xbox avatar. The game features a unique scoring system, which rewards players with combos for picking up items as they run. However, points are only saved when player’s bank them, so one mistake before then and your combo is gone, baby!
Avatar-Runner-SS3Avatar Runner features a range of themed worlds, difficulty levels and songs, which combine into over 30 different runs. The game’s soundtrack features Sports Store, a track by Farfletched, the Scottish-based music producer and DJ who has also created music for APB and APB Reloaded. Players can also use music in their Xbox 360 library as the soundtrack to the game, keeping pace with the track.
Avatar-Runner-SS1The game features a Tournament mode which allows players to compete against friends across a number of runs, to win the Oxygen Addict Cup.
Mashapocolypse-BoxArtMashapocolyse is a new and original rhythm action game, which challenges up to four players to play long to a music track, mashing the specified buttons at the right time. It couldn’t be simpler. Or more frantic, fast-paced or fun.
Mashapocolypse-Xbox-ScreenshotYou can find all of Oxygen Addict’s games on his web site, YouTube channel, Twitter or Facebook.
Avatar Runner (Xbox Live Arcade) – £0.69
Mashopocolypse (Xbox Live Arcade) – £0.69

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