OUT NOW – Gravity Games

OUT NOW – Gravity Games

Scottish independent game developer Neil Moody has just released a series of PC/Mac games based around the the concept of ‘gravity‘. There are seven game and two ‘meta games’ in the pack, all local multiplayer, designed for 2-4 players.

Neil created the games for the makega.me ‘series’ pageant, which challenged developers to create several linked or themed games.

jkqF+CThe Gravity games have a unique, stark monochromatic look, which makes them stand out from the commonly colourful releases found on iOS and Android. Neil has also created an amazing realtime synthesised audio soundtrack, which complements the visuals and sounds like Tangerine Dream having a party at Brian Eno’s yurt (a very good thing).

I-eK0sThe Gravity collection uses the pay-what-you-want system, allowing customers to download the whole series and choose the price point they think it’s worth. Neil has set himself the goal of making £100 from Gravity, in order to continue development and expand several of the games.

dE+J0zGravity is an unusual release. The multi-game content, the visuals, the audio and the local multiplayer focus all make it stand out from the pack. It deserves support. £100 is not a lot of money to try and make from a games pack. So please buy a copy, share the link, or encourage friends, family, colleagues and fellow gamers to check them out and consider making Neil a happy man…

vpnwkgYou can find the games on the ITCH.IO site. You can also read Neil’s development diaries on the makega.me site.

Gravity Series (PC/Mac) – Pay What You Want

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