Minecraft Sells 54M Copies – Consoles Lead The Way…

Minecraft Sells 54M Copies – Consoles Lead The Way…

cropped-033-4j-minecraft360.jpgAnother week, another post about Minecraft achieving mind-blowing success and creating ongoing joy. Following the awards, the number one slots, mapping the whole of Denmark (really) and the sales, oh so many sales, comes news that Minecraft, continues to confound the critics with… even more sales and success.

The big news this time round is that the console versions of Minecraft (currently only Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) have outsold the PC and Mac versions of the game.  This puts the console versions of the game at around 16,000,000 sales, with the PC and Mac versions at 15,800,000.

Minecraft_EdinburghCastle_PanoramaIt also puts Minecraft’s total sales at around 54,000,000, making the game the third best selling title of all time, behind Tetris (143,000,000 copies) and Wii Sports (82,000,000). Bearing in mind that both of those titles were bundled with Nintendo consoles, it makes Minecraft’s achievement even more impressive.

The console versions of Minecraft are of course built here in Scotland, by the team at 4J Studios. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are shortly to be joined by their new Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita siblings, which should push sales even higher and introduce even more people to the blocky wonders of the game.

Congratulations to Mojang and 4J Studios. We’re looking forward to announcing you’ve outsold Tetris


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