Announcing the noPILLS Game Jam

Announcing the noPILLS Game Jam

nopillsLike the wider industry, game jams are evolving. A number of jams, hacks and codeathons in the last few years have moved beyond the idea of merely creating content in a ridiculously short space of time and have instead focused on using data in new ways, or crowd-sourcing news ideas to help solve specific issues.

The team at Glasgow Caledonian university have led from the front with regard to game jams – those created purely for entertainment and those which offer the opportunity to help solve real world problems.

This is the case with the recently announced noPILLS jam

noPILLS is a European research project with the long-term aim of reducing pharmaceutical micro-pollutants in the water cycle. 5 partners in 4 European countries, including a research institute, water boards and universities, will collaborate to develop strategies for raising awareness of pharmaceutical pollution and addressing both the input and the elimination, of pharmaceuticals.

noPILLS investigates whether and how pharmaceutical input may be reduced by raising awareness, encouraging different consumption or prescription practises, and promoting better disposal, as an alternative to expensive “high-tech”  adaptation of wastewater treatment facilities. The project sees an opportunity to inform the public on the effect of their consumer behaviour and also for the public to engage with the topic and in turn enlighten the water and health professionals on the public’s understanding and interest in the topic.

Glasgow_Caledonian_University_Saltire_CentreFor this, the noPILLS team are keen to explore the role of new media, games and apps, initially in the UK but eventually also in a wider European setting, by translating the most promising applications into other European language and releasing them in partner countries.

The noPILLS jam takes place between Friday the 4th of July until Sunday the 6th of July. There are some great prizes on offer. The top prize will have the winning team flown to Zurich to meet the research partners and pitch their game/app.

Even better – Glasgow Caledonian is promising to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for competitors.

Space is strictly limited for the noPILLS jam, so the organisers are recommending signing up as soon as possible.

You can register here.

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