OUT NOW – Slap Sticker

SlapSticker_Icon_SmallGlasgow’s WeeWorld may often be overlooked as a games studio, despite having released around 16 games and apps for iOS and the company’s online social network having well over 60,000,000 registered users.

WeeWorld’s latest release is SlapSticker. Think of it as an augmented reality photo editing app. You can customise and add fun elements to your photos. Choose a picture from your iPad or iPhone, then layer on cartoony elements such as speech bubbles, hats, moustaches, glasses, internet memes (seriously), icons, cursors, Nicholas Cage, dinosaurs and other assorted craziness.

screen2_iPhone_imageCelia Francis, the CEO of WeeWorld told us:

We wondered if we could create a super simple, fun app that allows you to slap stickers onto photos and send out these creative images to any instant messaging platform. That’s how SlapSticker was born.

screenshot_3_ipadStickers can be shared using all of the most popular messaging and sharing services, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and Airdrop.

SlapSticker is free to download and offers over 100 unique stickers for users to play with and enjoy. Additional sticker packs can be bought and WeeWorld is promising more stickers to follow.

screen1_iPhone_imageSlapSticker is available for both iPad and iPhone. Your numerous duck-face selfies need never languish unliked (briefly) on SnapChat ever again. SlapSticker can make even the most joyless corporate marketing image more fun and fabulous, darlings. You should download it and try it.

You can also try many of the company’s other releases – Gummy Yummies, Cweature Jump, Match Mee, Pocket Pup Junior and the original WeeMee Avatar Creator. Go on, have a go. You need more fun in your life… They’re all FREE too.

screenshot_1_ipadSlap Sticker (iOS) – Free


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