Celtic Heroes Comes To Android

Celtic Heroes Comes To Android

celtic_heroes_logoCeltic Heroes the mobile massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (or MMMORPG), from Glasgow’s One Thumb Mobile has been blazing brightly in the iOS App Store for the last several years.

The game has attracted thousands of users, all over the world and has shown that sophisticated and complex 3D massively multiplayer games can not only work well on mobile devices, but can add new elements to the MMO experience.

One Thumb Mobile has constantly pushed forward with Celtic Heroes, updating, adapting and evolving the game.   New elements have been added, new content created and new players are still joining.

Now, the company is opening the game up to an entirely new – and rapidly growing – audience, with the launch of Celtic Heroes for Android devices.

403x403-Now-on-AndroidCeltic Heroes is now available for download – FREE – from Google Play.

One Thumb Mobile has created an entirely new engine for the game, power by Unity, which introduces a whole range of new graphical abilities, ensuring that Android owners will be able to access and enjoy the game, alongside their iOS owning brethren.

The company is encouraging new players with rewards such as Everlasting Green Fireworks which sound intriguing and pretty. We also assume they’re useful and cool…

ArenaPaul Simon, Executive Producer at One Thumb Mobile, explains:

Our team has created something very special with the launch of our new cross-platform engine. For the first time players will be able to access a 3D MMO on mobile devices with graphics and gameplay that rival browser and desktop games. We are really excited for our upcoming Android launch and have ambitious development plans for Celtic Heroes this year. We look forward to massively expanding Celtic Heroes and providing the biggest, most social gaming experience on mobile.

You can find Celtic Heroes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celticheroes for the latest news, updates and information.

TavernCeltic Heroes Open Beta is out now for Android devices.

You can find the game, plus all of the latest news and information here: http://www.celtic-heroes.com

OUT NOWCeltic Heroes (Android)

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