Bjarne Stroustrup (Creator Of C++) Coming To Scotland

Bjarne Stroustrup (Creator Of C++) Coming To Scotland

Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++ will be speaking in Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 28th and 29th April.  This is an incredibly rare opportunity to hear from one of the leading computer scientists of modern times.

Harvey Nash and Morgan Stanley are pleased to host free events with University of Edinburgh School of Informatics and Strathclyde University School of Computing on 28th and 29th April respectively where Bjarne Stroustrup, creator and developer of C++, will be speaking.

C++ is the one of the world’s most widely used technology languages and it has influenced newer languages such as C# and Java as well as older languages.  Following Bjarne’s talk there will be drinks and food while you have an opportunity to network.  This is an excellent opportunity for students and professionals to hear from one of the most influential computer scientists of modern times.

Please reserve your ticket on eventbrite for Edinburgh, Monday 28th April at 17:30 here –

Please reserve your ticket on eventbrite for Glasgow, Tuesday 29th April at 17:30 here –


About Bjarne Stroustrup…

Bjarne Stroustrup was born and grew up in Denmark and now lives in New York City.  Early in his career he invented C++ while working at AT&T Bell Labs.  He wrote its early definitions, produced its first implementation, chose and formulated the design criteria for C++, designed all its major facilities and was responsible for the processing of extension proposals in the C++ standards committee.  Stroustrup’s book, “The C++ Programming Language”, is the most widely read of its kind and he has written seven books in total as well as countless academic publications.  To this day he continues to take an active role in C++ standards.

Now working for Morgan Stanley in New York, he has had an impressive career in industry and academia.  Bjarne was head of the Large Scale Programming Research Department from its creating in AT&T Bell Labs until 2002.  Since then he has held distinguished posts at Texas A&M University and spent significant time in the Computer Science Departments of Cambridge, Columbia and Princeton.  At Morgan Stanley, Stroustrup is a Managing Director in the technology division in New York City.

Significant achievements include being elected member of The National Academy of Engineering in 2004 “for the creation of the C++ programming language”, being the first computer scientist to be awarded the William Proctor Prize for Scientific Achievement in 2005 and being awarded the IEEE Computer Society’s 2004 Computer Entrepreneur Award.  Additionally he has received the 1993 ACM Grace Murray Hooper award the ACM UPE ABACUS Award an award that is ”presented to the individual who has gained professional renown and who, over several years, has provided extensive support and leadership for student-related activities in the computing and information disciplines.”  He has received an honorary doctorate from St Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies and in 2008 won Dr Dobb’s Excellence in Programming award.

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