Moray Game Jam – Saturday: Runners & Riders

Moray Game Jam – Saturday: Runners & Riders

MorayGameJamSmallBannerPortraitIt’s Saturday afternoon. The first ever Moray game jam has just past the first 24 hours and all nine teams are powering into their projects.

The theme of the jam, is it changed the world and many of the teams have taken this in directions of inventions, medical discoveries or indeed the total destruction of the world and all beings upon it…

The teams and projects are…

DSCF0987Awesome Sauce Games (Chris Day, Finlay MacDonald, Christopher Knox, Chris Thomas, Richard Logan-Baker) – Reality Shift

Reality Shift is a reality altering puzzle platformer.  Players must alter the very fabric of reality itself by shifting between areas of the game…

DSCF0998Powerpunch Studios (Mark Thompson, Elliot Morris, Tasha Singh, Stuart Tait, Carl Paker) – Vaccine

Vaccine is a real-time action/strategy /arcade game for 2 x players.  Players must seize control of key high scoring nodes upon a hex-based grid.

DSCF1001Jagged Kings (Calum Petrie, Kevin McDowell, Gavin Crawford, James Smith) – Alexander

A tactical, pharmaceutical, logistical, educational and comic exploration of the life and scientific discoveries of Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin.

DSCF0988Labracadabrador (Daniel Waine, John Gifford, Richard Edwards, Carrie Francis, Ross Stephens) – They Changed Eden

Spore meets Arkanoid.  Players must protect a planet a stream of asteroids, which will change the planet’s climate in some way, giving the inhabitants time to complete work on a giant space ark and escape the doomsday comet which is one its way…

DSCF0990Dyno Games (George Owen, Dino Mijatovic, Martin MacLeod, Dillan Mann, Craig Macdonald) – Dynopocalypse

Your job: use giant blazing asteroids to destroy the dinosaurs.

Stikkz Media (Andrew French, Kierran Moors) – It Changed The World

A collection of mini-games, based upon the people, inventions and events which truly changed the world

DSCF0992Elusive Byte (Kenny Campbell, Victoria Russell, Andrew Liddell, Richard Jones) – Tune Bounce

A 2 x player endless runner/fighting game. Play your own music tracks to generate a track and then fight your way to the end of the song, capturing territory and building bonuses.

DSCF0997Pure Gaming (Erin Stevenson, Vince Finlayson, Stefan Harrison, Duncan Gillespie) – Revelations

A node-based real time strategy game. Start and tailor your own religion and then send your believers out to cities across a procedurally generated continent to convert the godless heathen.

DSCF0995Ramensoft (James Wood, Alberto Taiuti, Lukasz Gomula, Natalia Sionek, Sam Cumming) – MicroPulse

A 2D side-on, steam punk shooter of sorts.  Battle the most infamous viruses in the world. Deliver your precision-based medication and cure mankind.

The judging team, led by jam veteran Phil Harris, and the mentors from Hunted Cow have been circulating between the teams and have been impressed by the quality of the work so far, the continuing good humour in the teams and the amazing team from Moray College.

Andrew Mulholland, the co-founder and CEO of Hunted Cow said:

This is the first jam to take place in Elgin and we’ve been amazed and delighted that so many people have taken the time to come up and take part.  The teams at Screen HI and Moray College have worked very hard and have made all of this possible. The teams all seem to be having a great time and the games are looking very impressive.  Already.  I can’t wait to get my hands on them tomorrow.

Phil Harris, writer, game designer and journalist, told us:

Jams are always fun and incredibly useful experience for the teams, as it’s a very challenging way to design and develop an original new game. The Moray Game Jam has raised the stakes considerably with a genuinely valuable and innovative prize from Hunted Cow. The winning team will be able to work with the studio to finish their game and release it commercially.  It would be wonderful if more companies around Scotland were able to provide this sort of support to the new talent coming out of jams.

Keep track of the latest updates and progress from the Jam by following ScreenHi, Moray Game Jam, Scottishgames, Phil Harris and Moray College on Twitter…

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