Ruffian’s ‘Game Of Glens’ Needs You

Ruffian’s ‘Game Of Glens’ Needs You

ruffian logo white hiresTowards the end of 2013 we heard about the latest project underway at Ruffian Games in Dundee.  Tribal Towers was the company’s first indie project, a new and original game, in which players built their own armoured and armed towers, while trying to destroy their opponent’s.

Then it went quiet.  Ruffian slipped back into stealth mode and we’ve not heard about the game since then.  Until yesterday.  Tribal Towers is no more, but please welcome Game Of Glens.

GameOfGlensLogoGame Of Glens takes the core idea of Tribal Towers and puts it in a new medieval Scottish environment.  It builds on the tower building mechanic and expands that to create an entire highland games style competition between clans.

Ruffian needs your help to bring Game Of Glens to market.  The title is one of the first games in the new Square Enix Collective project.  This is a crowd-sourced publishing platform, which allows members of the public to vote for the games they’d like to see published.  A little like Steam Greenlight.

GameOfGlens (8)To vote for the game, all you have to do is visit the website and click the link.  No registering, or messing around with online forms.

There are three games in the running for the first ever round of the SE Collective, two RPGs and Game Of Glens.  This is a global competition and people around the world can vote.

The game needs your help.  It’s very simple. The game with the most votes wins and Square Enix will then help the developer to fund the title, via crowd-funding, through the Collective project.

GameOfGlens (3)As you can imagine, the more generic and ‘safe’ a game appears, the more appeal it will have to the ‘mainstream’ gamers out there.  A title with a unique look and feel – especially one set very firmly in Scotland certainly stands out, but will need every vote it can gather to rise above the usual robots, wizards n’ orcs fare that seems to be mandatory in gaming.

So, take a second and help a fellow game creator out.  Game Of Glens is developed in Scotland, it is set in Scotland and it could be Ruffian’s first original IP to hit the market.  That’s a good cause right there.

It takes five seconds to vote and the team Ruffian will appreciate each and every single person who takes the time.

Help Game of Glens get made. Vote now.

GameOfGlens (1)…and please SHARE this with your friends, family, colleagues, contacts, loved ones, enemies, frenemies, partners and those you are connected to on social media.  Let’s make this HAPPEN.

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