Minecraft On PlayStation 3 Breaks Million Sales Barrier

Minecraft On PlayStation 3 Breaks Million Sales Barrier

033 - 4J - Minecraft360A new year, a new record for Minecraft.  Gamesindustry reports that the brand new PlayStation 3 version of the game, released just before Christmas 2013 (December 17th to be precise), has already sold over 1 million copies – in about six weeks.

Even Mojang themselves seem startled by the game’s huge impact, with the company’s Daniel Kaplan wondering online whether this is a record for PSN sales.  No word from Sony yet on whether it is…

The PlayStation 3 game was created by Scotland’s 4J Studios, the company behind the ultra-mega-blockbuster Xbox 360 version (10 million sales and counting).

Minecraft_EdinburghCastle_PanoramaThe studio are reportedly releasing PS Vita and PlayStation 4 versions of the game ‘in the near future’.

Expect further huge and quite possibly record-breaking sales as Minecraft continues to win fans all over the world.

Watch this space…

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