Scottish Games Network Partners With Scottish Games Expo

Scottish Games Network Partners With Scottish Games Expo

ScottishGameExpoFinalBack in November we reported a new public facing games event being planned for October 2014, in Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre.

Since then we’ve met Magdala Media, the company behind the expo a couple of times, to find out their plans for the expo and to see where it fits into Scotland’s gaming calendar.  The management team are incredibly enthusiastic about the gaming world and keen to create an event which includes all aspects of the industry, from the largest AAA console titles, to the latest indie releases.

After a huge amount of discussion (and coffee) we’ve agreed to work with the Magdala Media team to ensure that the Expo offers support to the industry in Scotland and the wider UK.

We’ll be looking for ways to include and involve every developer, creator, technology company, university, student and group who wants to participate.

SGN 001We want to not only provide a platform for the games sector, but use the experience, expertise and enthusiasm in Scotland to build something new and of real value to the industry.

Rowan Mackie  the founder of Magdala Media founder, and Game Expo Scotland 2014 organiser, told us:

Having Scottish Games Network on board for next year’s Games Expo Scotland is excellent for both the Scottish video games community, but also for the abundance of talent in the region. Thanks to Scottish Games Network, GES 2014 can really now represent what makes the Scottish games industry great.

Plans for the expo are moving ahead, with the date and location being locked down.  We’ll have more news in early 2014.  In the meantime, any bright ideas, suggestions or input are very welcome.

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