Apple Votes Impossible Road One Of The Year’s Best

Apple Votes Impossible Road One Of The Year’s Best

062-kevin-ng-impossible-road.pngIt’s been quite a year for Impossible Road, the hard-as-nails endless roller, created by Kevin Ng of Pixels On Toast fame.  The game was released to critical acclaim, with 4.5/5, 8.4/10 and  9/10 reviews, as well as Pocket Gamer’s Game Of The Week in the games media.  All of which was followed by a BAFTA Scotland nomination for the Game Of The Year award.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.32.28Now the game has hit Apple’s Best Of 2013 lists, as runner up in the best iPad game, losing out to Badland and Xcom: Enemy Unknown, as well as the list of best Rapid Reaction games for iPhone.

If you’ve not yet played the eerily impossible item, now’s your chance. Impossible Road is very simple.  A monochrome white ball rolls down a twisting metallic striped track.  Your job is to stay on the track as long as possible.  If you can, with very great skill, hit the track a little lower down.  If you miss, you’ll plummet into featureless void.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.33.13It’s… hard.  It’s a poke in the eye (or a boot in the monochromatic white ball) for those who claim mobile games cannot offer the complexity or challenge of ‘real’ games.

Impossible Road is also awesome.  You should play it.  You can buy it now and prepare for a twisting, turning trial of dexterity and reaction time.

Impossible Road is a mere £1.49 and has been acclaimed by almost everyone.  You can even gift it to a friend or loved one for Christmas and not only give Santa a hand, but help an indie developer who’s created something awesome…

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