VG247 Scotland – Issue 0 Now LIVE – Read, Watch, Play

VG247 Scotland – Issue 0 Now LIVE – Read, Watch, Play

VG247-Scotland-SizedVG247’s UK News Editor, Dave Cook has done something disruptive.  He’s started a regular column on the VG247 site focusing on the video games sector in Scotland.

Covering business news, releases, updates and interviews, VG247 Scotland will be an ongoing feature on the site and combine in-depth reporting, with news updates and a new industry discussion, conducted via Google Hangouts featuring key people from the Scottish gaming sector.

Issue 0 is now LIVE on the website.  You can find the latest headlines and releases from Scotland’s developers.  You can read an interview with Dundee’s Guerilla Tea and you can watch Dave quiz Tigerface Games‘ Kate Ho, Cobra’s Mark Ettle and your editor (Brian Baglow) about the scope of the country’s industry, it’s legacy and the issues facing the games sector moving forward.

APB_Logo_transparentIt also features APB Retribution (Reloaded and Blazing Griffin), Solar Flux (Firebrand), Moshi Monsters Music (Denki), Tacos, Bluegrass and Videogames (Lucky Frame), Celtic Heroes (One Thumb Mobile), Xbox Live Gamerhub, Warscape Alpha (Future-B Games) and of course the world’s biggest entertainment release ever in history and already multiple award-winning and record-breaking GTAV (Rockstar North).

This is one of the first times that Scotland has had a platform in the wider games media, which will cover all of the activities and releases – which are growing very quickly to reach 3-4 per month.

SolarFluxPocket_Screen5It deserves a read.  It deserves our support.  It deserves to become the key place for the global games business to find out why Scotland matters when it comes to gaming.

This can help each and every single person working in the games sector, or studying to do so.  We need a far greater profile than we have.  We’re doing some great work.  We need to show the world.

Please visit the site.  Please read the (excellent) writing.  Please leave lots of comments.  Please tell your friends.

Dave, you’re officially awesome.

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