OUT NOW: Moshi Monsters Music – New From Denki

OUT NOW: Moshi Monsters Music – New From Denki

01.MoshiMusicDenki is not a studio to sit around, rubbing their chins and wondering what on earth to do next.  Indeed the company has been more prolific in the last few months than seems right or decent.  From Save The Day, Denki Word Quest and Monster Force 5, Denki has been working with the mighty Moshi Monsters on a new app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Moshi Monsters Music (we always appreciate ALL alliteration) is a sing-along-a-moshi kind of app, in which players, performers and popstars can follow the lyrics on music videos to accompany their favourite Moshi Monster including Zack Binspin and Blingo to Coco Loco, Iggy and Big Bad Bill.

02.MoshiMusicThe app even incorporates exclusive excerpts from the forthcoming fabulous Moshi Monsters Movie, making many more Moshi Monster mavens merry.

It is in short crack for kids, but in a non-harmful, illegal or otherwise nasty way.

If you’re not familiar with Moshi Monsters then you are clearly not a parent of a child under the age of 10.  Moshi Monsters is a huge trans media brand created by the team at Mind Candy in the UK.  Moshi now has over 80M registered users (in 150 countries) on the website and now boasts physical products including toys, comics (the top selling kids comic in the UK), books, trading cards, chocolates and other associated merchandise.

03.MoshiMusicIf you have children.  If they like Moshi Monsters, then this is an app you absolutely aught to acquire (yes, we know it’s ‘ought’ but we’re sticking with the alliteration thing).

Moshi Monsters Music is FREE, FREE and fantastic.  You can find it for iPhone, iPad and Android by following those links.

It’s doubtlessly decidedly, devilishly and defiantly Denki…

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