Indies Flock To Xbox One… Scotland Missing?

Indies Flock To Xbox One… Scotland Missing?

Xbox One 001News hit the games media yesterday that Microsoft has been signed deals with a number of well known indie studios around the world.  32 studios from Japan to Finland are named, including many best known for their mobile titles.

Sadly no studios from Scotland appear to have made the list.  Developers including Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing), Half Brick (Jetpack Joyride), Capybara (Critter Crunch) and UK veterans Team 17 (Worms) have all signed up to Microsoft’s ID@Xbox programme.

Yet breaking news suggests that a clause in the self-publishing agreement may cause problems for smaller studios.  According to Vlambeer, a clause in the ID@Xbox contract requires ‘launch parity’ where games must come out simultaneously on Xbox alongside other platforms.

Smaller developers tend to work on platforms individually, completing different platform ports one after another.  The clause in the Microsoft contract may require them to try and complete the Xbox One indie version of the game alongside or ahead of other versions.

We’ll be tracking this story and posting any updates as they happen.  In the mean time, are any studios in Scotland already working on titles for the Xbox One?

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