Chunk Reveals New Project For Cbeebies Series

Chunk Reveals New Project For Cbeebies Series

GardeningTopsy & Tim: Fun Around The House, Chunk’s latest project is out now.  The game is based on a brand new TV series for kids, which is in turn based on the well-loved Topsy & Tim books, first released in the 1960s.

Chunk worked with Darrall Macqueen, the independent television  production company behind the series to create an interactive version of the children’s house from the live-action show.

Children can explore 10 different activities set across four rooms, each encouraging different styles of play and learning – from getting ready in the morning, to decorating cupcakes, making a card and looking after Wiggles the Rabbit.

Looking after WigglesThe gameplay doesn’t follow traditional ‘game’ structures, but instead encourages freeform, repeatable play, allowing children to explore the game at their own pace and have fun with every day experiences.

Chunk, Darrall Macqueen and the BBC worked closely together on game development to create an experience that was true to the brand and complemented the TV series. Chunk visited the Topsy and Tim set and met characters to get a feel for the show.  The game’s environments are based on floor plans of the set, incorporating many of the designs, decor and recognisable toys and objects from the show.

Decorating Cupcakes 2The visual style of the characters also reflects the live-action style of the series, with a nod to the illustrations from the original books, published by Penguin. The game versions of Topsy and Tim use photos of the TV characters represented in a comic, cartoon-style way.

Topsy and Tim: Fun Around the House has been created using HTML5 technology and is available to play online in-browser on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms including a wide range of iOS and Android devices.

Maddy Darrall, co-founder of Darrall Macqueen said:

The Topsy and Tim brand has been loved by generations of children, and so it was important that this game, which supports the new series, was equally accessible to as many Topsy and Tim fans as possible.  Mobile/ tablet is an increasingly important platform for this young audience but desktop still holds a very large share. So it was important for the game to reach across these three platforms, and within that, a wide range of devices. Chunk has created a game which meets complex technical challenges with an engaging and endearing design, and a great playing and learning mechanic for our young viewers.

Getting ready in the morningDonnie Kerrigan, managing director of Chunk, added:

It was important to create a game that did justice to such well-loved characters and that supported the inquisitive, supportive feel of the books.  Games are valuable experiences for all ages and are an opportunity for adults and children to play along – learning and teaching together.  Kids can relate to Topsy and Tim as the activities are similar to their own lives and experiences, both through the game and the TV show as complementary experiences.

Chunk is already working on another cross-platform game for the CBeebies’ Katie Morag series.

You can find Topsy & Tim Fun Around The House online now.

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