Modern Playing – Game City Hits Scotland – Games WANTED

Modern Playing – Game City Hits Scotland – Games WANTED

GameCity_logoGame City is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting and original video games events anywhere in the world.

It exemplifies all that is best about gaming.  It celebrates the culture and the activity of actually playing games.  It champions the creativity and design of the video games world and it manages to avoid the corporate bloat and conference mentality which afflicts many other games-related events.

For example, if you had Keita Takahasi, the designer behind Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy coming to your event, how would you make the most of that opportunity?  Game City got him to design a children’s playground.

When they couldn’t get Denki’s own Gary Penn down to Nottingham to take part in a curry night conversation, they set up a large monitor and had edited clips of Gary answering questions.  With a pint.

We Were 64 - 2Which is awesome.

Even more remarkable, this all happens in Nottingham…

Now the Game City team is coming to Scotland for the first time ever.  Iain Simons, the man behind the whole Game City concept will be speaking at the Edinburgh Filmhouse on December 5th.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.06.23Modern Playing is Game City’s road show, taking in Birmingham, Sleaford, Cardiff, London and of course Edinburgh.

We spoke to the very lovely Iain Simons, the mastermind behind Game City and asked what the hell Modern Playing was all about.  He told us:

Modern Playing is the spirit of GameCity on the move. We will be creating a quarterly event to bring a TED-style atmosphere to video games culture. Modern Playing’s remit is to inspire thought and fire debate. It’ll be an evening of chat, networking and play that we’ll be building as an ongoing event. Modern Playing will support video gaming’s place in the heart of the British cultural life.

The official blurb explains a little more and promises festive cheer, as well as searing insight into the relevance and dichotomy of making (serious) and playing (fun) video games:

Iain Simons and James Newman will be your guides through Christmases past, present and future in an evening that will explore the feverish excitement and anticipation of the run up to the big day, the frantic tearing of wrapping paper and packaging on Christmas morning, and the quiet disappointment of a Christmas afternoon spent wishing we’d been more nice, less naughty, and made out our wish lists more carefully.

We’re delighted to be able to confirm that this edition of Modern Playing will also feature the opportunity to win a selection of exciting traditional christmas prizes.

Following the show, you’re invited to stay with us to share a Christmas tipple (choose whatever you like, after all, you’re paying), exchange gifts and play the games that friends have been kind enough to make and bring along for your enjoyment.

The perfect end to a magical year, Modern Playing are here to bless you all, everyone.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.08.51Tickets cost £8.20 (£6.00 concession).  You can book them on the Filmhouse website.

And it doesn’t end there.  Modern Playing would love developers to come along and show off their games to an adoring public, demonstrate their latest titles and tell the world what they’re up to.

Professional developers, independent studios, students, individuals, hobbyists are ALL very welcome.  As long as you have a game you’re happy to show off.  Developers have to provide their own kit, but it’s a perfect opportunity to get some feedback, promote your games and find out what else is coming…

To take part, just fill in the form on the Modern Playing website and let them know you’re coming.

We’ll see you in Edinburgh on December 5th.

Developers – sign up now.

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