Solar Flux Pocket – OUT NOW

Solar Flux Pocket – OUT NOW

The team at Firebrand are clearly not people to rest upon their laurels.  Hot on the heels of releasing the game for Steam, the company today announced a new version of the critically acclaimed game for Android tablets.

The team has also worked with actual space agencies located near their Florida office to create the promotional video, above, showing that real astronauts play games too…

SolarFluxPocket_Screen5They’ve also gone back to the drawing board and redesigned aspects of the game for the smaller screens of mobile phones, building new missions and recreating solar systems and galaxies for the pleasure of iPhone and Android phone owners.

The result is a game which remains true to Solar Flux’s universe saving roots, but which puts it in the hands of mobile players for the first time.

SolarFluxPocket_Screen3The game is now available on Steam, iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone/iPad and Android mobile.  Which is a very respectable number of platforms.

Solar Flux is striking a chord with reviewers around the world.  The game was recently nominated for a TIGA award and has picked up some nice coverage, including:

SolarFluxPocket_Screen2Solar Flux, which was recently nominated for a TIGA design award, has already received critical acclaim from a number of publications including:

  • In Firebrand’s capable hands, the conquest of space is not just a victory of science, but art too. (The Scotsman, 8.7/10)
  • This idea is intoxicating, that we could one day be responsible for the fate of stars themselves. (TouchArcade, 4/5)
  • Solar Flux HD has other games beaten… (148Apps, 4/5)
  • This space opera’s imagery and sound design are bound to inhabit my dreams, it also exists as a fascinating and highly challenging adventure (ArcadeSushi, 8/10)

To celebrate the release of Solar Flux Pocket, Firebrand has dropped the price of the iPad version of the game to $1.99.

SolarFluxPocket_Screen1You can now pick Solar Flux up

  • for iPad here ($1.99/£1.49)
  • for iPhone/iPod here ($0.99/£0.69)
  • for Android Tablet here ($1.99/£1.49)
  • for Android mobile here (FREE!)
  • for Steam here (£6.99)


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