Holy Double Cow! Civil War Prequel Announced & BAFTA Moustache Sim OUT NOW

Holy Double Cow! Civil War Prequel Announced & BAFTA Moustache Sim OUT NOW

huntedcow_previewThe northerly powerhouse of gaming excellence which is Hunted Cow continues to pump out a powerful stream of games, with two new titles hitting the market within days of each other…

GameLogoMr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair we’ve mentioned several times in the past.  Starting life as a Dare to be Digital game in 2012, the game went on to win a BAFTA New Talent award in early 2013.  It was signed up by Hunted Cow several months ago and has now hit the market for iOS and Android devices.

KingBadEndingMr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair challenges players to groom, style and otherwise practice the barberly arts upon the eccentric citizens of Stashton-Upon-Seas under the supervision of Mr Montgomery, the legendary top lip topiarist, to gain the unique title of Moustache Maestro.

The game costs $0.99/£0.69.  There are no in-app purchases or additional costs.  You can find it on the App Store here and Google Play here.

TeamWithMoustachesYou can even sponsor the team at Dapper Hat games as they participate in Movember, raising money for cancer research.

title_screenIn addition, Hunted Cow has announced a prequel to its best-selling Civil War: 1863. Cunningly titled  Civil War: 1862 features a whole new range units and moves, including flank attacks (introduced in the company’s popular Tank Battle: North Africa) allowing for greater strategy and flexibility in attacks.

high_definition_graphicsCreated once more by the strategy gaming experts at HexWar, the game will offer 14 battles from the American Civil War, 13 of which can be played as either North or South, giving players the opportunity to choose a side, or providing more replay value.  Five additional 8-mission campaigns can also be purchased in-game.

strategic_movement_and_flank_attacksCivil War: 1862 will be available SOON for iPhone, iPad and iPod, at an olde worlde price of $0.99/£0.69.  The additional campaigns can be purchased for $0.99/£0.69 each.

You can keep track of release dates through the Hunted Cow website.

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