Gentlemen Get Steamy In Front Of 65 Million

Gentlemen Get Steamy In Front Of 65 Million

gentlemenAs is so often the case, author, wit and professional facial topiary caregiver Mark Twain put it admirably:

I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.

While this may have been appropriate in the outlying areas of the pastoral 19th century, it scarce seems appropriate in today’s world of drone strikes, tasers, Polonium 210, pizza suppers and 3D printed hand guns.

So it is, that Gentlemen seeking satisfaction in these more enlightened times must needs find an arena in which their grievance can be addressed through the careful application of knives, bombs and testy pigeons.

screenshot4And what could be better than settling an affaire d’honneur in front of 65,000,000 others?

Yes, Lucky Frame’s Gentlemen, the game in which you and a chum beat the bejesus out of one another with a variety of terrifying tools has hit Steam.  The digital distribution system, created by Valve which is, by some margin (50%-70%) of the world’s digitally distributed PC games (and Mac).

The principle of the game is quite simple.  It is a multiplayer experience in which two players compete head-to-head – upon a single device – within an arena.  Controls allow movement left and right as well as gravity to be flipped 180 degrees.  You can also pick up and use fiendish weapons.  The goal is to kill your fellow player more often than the villain kills you.

See here…

It’s fast, simple, beautiful and fun.

It’s cheaper than a fine glass of madeira or a jolly good cigar.  It’s worth both your time and attention.

Purchase it immediately and contemplate with satisfaction one’s new ability to demand satisfaction (yes, yes, it’s positively Wildean, my dears) from friends, family and loved ones, without rising from one’s desk.

screenshot7It is also possible to compete and enjoy the thrills of formalised slaughter on other devices, gizmos, platforms and gadgets, including the Apple iPhone, Android smartphones and Mac.

Gentlemen is available now on Steam for a positively parsimonious £5.59 for both Personal Computer and Macintosh.


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