OUT NOW – Tolva & Ting Games – New From Me & The Giants

OUT NOW – Tolva & Ting Games – New From Me & The Giants


Shapes5The idea of using games technology and gaming experiences for educational purposes is something which has been gaining ground in recent years.  The advent of technologies and devices such as tablets, which are ‘kid friendly’, has created a whole new audience for games.

A growing number of developers are recognising this and are creating new experiences for younger players which are stretching the definition of ‘gaming’ and introducing education and emotional intelligence into their releases.

matg_tolvaMe & The Giants is a Glasgow-based game studio which specialises in creating digital toys and games for toddlers, kids and carers.

The company has been hard at work creating its own original new brand of kids games, Tolva And Ting, created in conjunction with Creative Scotland and the University of Glasgow.

They’re Globots, robots who glow to reflect their moods.  The games are aimed at pre-school children and designed to help children understand explore their emotional literacy.

The globots are a bunch of fun-loving characters, which run on ‘juice’ they get from Tolva.  However, when a Globot gets tired and runs out of energy, they become a very different robot…

Ting’s job is the ensure Tolva gets the ingredients she needs to make the robot’s juice.  Not an easy task if the Globot whose help is needed is low on Juice and in a bad mood.

TingToy4The globots must must overcome their negative states to collaborate and work together, using their individual talents together to complete their tasks, make the juice and restore their wisdom, friendship, generosity and strength.

The Tolva and Ting games offer a new twist on themes children will understand – tiredness, over-excitement, getting angry, being greedy, lazy and silly.

The Globot’s negative emotions are brought to light in an endearing and humorous way, helping children to explore their own range of emotions and learn that working together and helping each other is rewarding.

Moods2There are five games in the Tolva & Ting series which have been launched today (05/11/13)
Match the shapes and colours to hear the exciting music and see the robots dance.
See what happens when you mix different emotions in this interactive story with simple controls.  Think Rock, Paper, Scissors but with moods
A fun interactive action figure to explore pre-writing skills and gesture based controls with young children.
Touch the screen to make and pop bubbles.  Make the number of bubbles Ting wants or burst them before Ting can.
An interactive introduction to the world and characters of Tolva and Ting.
Moods1The Tolva & Ting games are OUT NOW for iOS devices.  Me & The Giants are promising Android versions in the near future.  We’ll keep you posted on release dates.
In the meantime, you can keep track of Tolva & Ting on Facebook, or find out more about Me & The Giants on the company’s website.

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