Company Profile: Team Junkfish

Company Profile: Team Junkfish

As the number of companies in Scotland grows, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know who’s out there and who’s doing what.  To counter this situation, we present the second entry in our all new Company Profile series.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we present…

LogoName of company: Team Junkfish

Date founded: 2nd September 2013

Location: Dundee




Twitter: @teamjunkfish


1398068_10153381902020083_1347356829_oFounders: Simon Doyle, Adam Dart, Jaime Cross

Background of founders: We’re all graduates from Abertay University, and the entire team have been together since 2011. We teamed up for the 3rd year group projects initially, and worked on a few things for student competitions and game jams before deciding to try and take things to the next stage. We managed to secure some seed funding, and officially started up in September to work on our current, yet untitled project.

Number of employees: 10


Describe your company: We’re a new studio that’s focused on PC development and new tech (such as the Oculus Rift). We feel that the games that we want to make and ideas that we want to implement would be well suited to these platforms.

We are also able to cover multiple disciplines in-house, something that we’d like to use as much as possible for our own work or to sub-contract out to other developers based on their needs. Furthermore, we aim to sell some of the tools we’re currently developing.

Platforms supported/Services offered: PC/Mac/Linux, Oculus Rift, Android, Programming/Design/Art/Audio outsourcing.

Current project: Project Maize

FooFooBannerReleases To Date: FooFoo, Android.  Out now on Samsung App Store and soon on Google Play.

Greatest Achievement: Winning a Samsung Student Developer prize, apparently inspiring other students to make games!

foo3Favourite games: Seemed only fair to ask the team, so…

  • Adam: Fallout New Vegas
  • Andy B: Minecraft
  • Andy T: Total Annihilation
  • Gary: Metal Gear Solid 2
  • Grant: Metroid Prime
  • Jaime: Final Fantasy 6
  • Judy: Okami
  • Peter: Dark Souls
  • Simon: Warcraft III
  • Steph: Ratchet and Clank

Additional Information: Half of the team also took part in Dare To Be Digital this year as Prehistoric Spatula. We’ve also been nominated for a few awards  including TIGA & Creative Loop.

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