Cows Get Hirsute With Stylish BAFTA Winner

Cows Get Hirsute With Stylish BAFTA Winner

PromotionalImage Ambitious publishing house Hunted Cow has signed up yet another title for its growing portfolio.  The latest deal, will bring the BAFTA award winning game Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair to iOS and Android in November 2013.

The innovative 2D action-arcade game challenges players to become the ultimate top lip topiarist, under the barbershop tutelage of moustache maestro Mr. Montgomery. The facial hair of the eccentric patrons of the Debonair Facial Hair shop requires careful tending, but beware: the ruffians of Stashton Upon Sea will ruin your masterpieces if they can. Players must fend off sharks, swat killer bees, keep circus clowns out of mischief, save the barbershop from disappearing into a black hole and you know, sweep up the hair…

Mr. Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair features six unique customers, 186 crazy moustache styles, 11 devious ruffians, 40 challenging achievements, humorous dialogue, and an unique ‘combing mechanic’.  It is suitable for all ages – and sexes.

KingBlackHoleThe game was created by Dapper Hat Studios, a graduate development team from the University of Abertay Dundee. The team created the original game as part of the 2012 Dare to Be Digital competition. In March 2013, Dapper Hat Games won the BAFTA in Scotland New Talent Award for Best Game.

Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair joins Hunted Cow’s growing catalogue of mobile games, including Tank Battle: North Africa, Civil War: 1863 and Ancient Battle: Rome.  While Mr Montgomery may not feature quite as much historically accurate combat, but does include razor-based peril, galactic doom and an angry sailor.  Thrills ahoy!

SailorMr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair debuts in November, with both iOS and Android users catered for.  If you’ve never considered face follicle fashion fun, then this may well be the title to change your mind.

Now go and grow a moustache.

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