Everything Old Is New Again – Claymore’s NeoArcade Coming Soon

Everything Old Is New Again – Claymore’s NeoArcade Coming Soon

1184980_1386230084939488_839360514_nGlasgow’s Claymore Games is bringing back the bright lights, furious action and neon-drenched wonder of video games arcades in the 1980s, with its latest release, NeoArcade.

No longer do aspiring gamers have to head into a sticky and badly-lit arcade, chock full of unsavoury types, clutching a sock full of 10 and 20 pence coins, in order to experience the latest video games.  Now the games of yore are heading to the latest generation of mobile and handheld devices, delivering some of history’s most admired games in a single, shiny neon-festooned package.

neofire_screen5_largeNeoArcade promises to bring back some of the most well loved experience from the days of arcades, re-imagined as a series of micro-games.  Players will be able to enjoy titles including

  • NeoFire – Use your turret to fire at the puck and send it flying into your opponent’s goal.  Crossfire!
  • NeoSmash – No information yet, but the website would suggest something Breakout-y
  • NeoTanks – Could it be a recreation of the all time tank classic, Combat?
  • NeoCycles – The Tron reference on the website lead us to believe light cycles may feature <squeee!>

In a very neat twist, Claymore tells us that ALL of the games will be single AND multiplayer via the same device, Bluetooth or local WiFi.

NeoArcade is heading for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) in the ‘near future’.  No word on other platforms, or pricing yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

neofire_screen4_largeIn the meantime, you can keep track of NeoArcade’s progress via the website, blog, Facebook page or Twitter account.  We’d recommend that you do.

More news as it happens.  Now here’s Tubeway Army with Are Friends Electric

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  1. May I humbly suggest that the all time classic tank game is in fact Battlezone? PS Can you ask Claymore about a Neo Moon Cresta and Neo Gorf?

    Euan McKenzie

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