4J Studios Bringing Minecraft To Sony Platforms

4J Studios Bringing Minecraft To Sony Platforms

033-4j-minecraft360.jpgThere’s been a lot of news coming out of GamesCom in Cologne over the last few days.  One of the announcements which is likely to cause the most excitement is the fact that Minecraft is heading for the Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 – as a launch title – and Vita.

This was confirmed by the mighty @Notch on Twitter, where he told the world Minecraft+Sony=True.

This was followed the day after, by another Twitter message, this time by @4JStudios revealing that they’ll be taking the game to all of the above platforms, as well as the forthcoming Microsoft Xbox One.

This is a real coup for 4J Studios.  The popularity of Minecraft is quite simply staggering.  Minecraft has dominated the Xbox Live Indie Charts for over a year now, while the recent boxed copy of the Xbox 360 game has sat on top of the UK all-format charts for three unbroken weeks, with over 8,000,000 combined sales on that platform alone.

Which points to similar popularity when the game hits the Sony platforms.  Sony themselves said Minecraft is one of the most requested games for the current and next generation of consoles.

Congratulations to Mojang and 4J Studios, we look forward to Minecraft’s ongoing domination of the charts for many more months to come.


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  3. 4j I don’t know what u r doing so I just want to know this is the mincraft world expand on the xbox one like the pc version and also when is the texrture packs coming out for the xbox 360.thats all I want too know if u can text as soon as possible cuz I want to know ooooo I almost for got plz tell me the dates on when u r having it done.bye

    1. Duuuude. You are RETARDED. This page is not even ran by 4j Studios. Use their Twitter, and if you want someone to care, use a fucking dictionary.

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