Scottish Enterprise Hosts Post Mortem On Snowman

Scottish Enterprise Hosts Post Mortem On Snowman

The Snowman and Snow Dog 12_A2After the infamous ‘melting’ incident in which the magical snowman was found to be little more than a puddle of chilly water with a hat, Channel 4, in association with Interactive Scotland will host a post mortem on June 20th, at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre.

The organisations are inviting participation from interested parties.  Attendance is free, though a knowledge of snowman anatomy would be an advantage, as would a strong stomach.

Channel 4’s games commissioner, Colin MacDonald will present the challenges, insights and lessons learned from the development and release of the company’s recent The Snowman And The Snowdog.

Colin will talk about some of the models, steps and techniques involved in making a successful app.  Participation and debate is encouraged.

Brought to you by Interactive Scotland in partnership with Dundee Techmeetup, this informal session will be of interest to everyone  involved in the marketing and design of games,  as well as interactive media as a cross promotional tool for broadcast content.

Food and refreshments will be provided.  Though probably not carrots.

The post-mortem is free, but registration is required.  Sign up now to secure your place.

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