Chock-A-Block – Out Now For iOS From Claymore Games

Chock-A-Block – Out Now For iOS From Claymore Games

CAB_768x1024_all1 Chock-A-Block is an original new sliding block puzzle game from the team at Claymore Games.  It’s out now for iOS, with Android and Windows Phone versions coming soon.

Chock-A-Block combines the simple, easily understood classic ‘match 3’ gameplay (put three or more of the same things together to make them vanish and pick up points) with the additional puzzle element of getting three (or more) or the same blocks to actually touch.

It’s already picking up some critical acclaim from the mobile games sites.  Touch Arcade has already shown it a lot of love and IGN mentioned it on their weekly round up of games you really should check out…

You can see the game in action here…

Claymore Games has kept social media integration to a minimum, ensuring that players will not be bugged, bothered or begged to sign up, invite friends, share scores or tell friends and contacts how they’re doing.

As Claymore’s MD, Brian Hackett told us:

While we do enjoy using social media, we hate being forced into it, so C-A-B has a very minimal social media tie-in where you can tweet your high scores. This is entirely optional and you’ll never get nagged into signing in via Facebook, or Google+, or liking this or that, or get begged for reviews or ratings.

CAB-003-RetinaClaymore has included five different game modes in Chock-A-Block with plans for additional modes in the near future:

  • Classic – See how far you can get with 10 lives, losing 1 life for each stranded block.
  • Beat The Clock  – See how long you can last against the clock, picking up time bonuses as you go.
  • Zen – Play for as long as you like with no penalties.
  • Survival Tackle – A neverending stream of blocks and avoid them filling up a full column.
  • Challenge – Invite your friends to beat your score on a particular board layout!

Chock-A-Block is available in both paid and free versions.  The paid mode costs a reasonable £0.69 ($0.99).  The free mode is ad-funded.  The free version blocks a couple of the online features but, can be unlocked from within the game itself to give the player the full, unrestricted online lovin’ experience.

CAB-007-RetinaYou can get the paid version of Chock-A-Block here, or the free version here.

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