Develop’s Top 100 British Studios

Develop’s Top 100 British Studios

develop mag logoDevelop Magazine is putting together its list of the UK’s 100 top developers, to be released in June, in association with the fine folks at UKIE.  In past years, studios were judged solely on revenue generation.  However this year’s list promises to be rather different.

Here’s how the magazine describes the 2013 process:

Studios of all kinds will be featured in the UKIE-sponsored book – new or old, established, in-house or indie.  And for the first time we are allowing UK studios to submit details on their business.

Here’s how it works: we’ve set up a survey form which asks for basic information about your studio plus, and most importantly, details across four key areas: Heritage & Reputation; Commercial Success; Creativity & Product; and Potential.

These categories will help us understand your activity – whether you are a new mobile outfit with no games released or a console studio with lots of titles under your belt.

The Develop team will then read through and grade each submission in order to formulate our top 100.

Our popular digital book will then be compiled, written and published at the end of June, with commentary by our team of games industry experts.

Are we clear, here?  If you don’t enter, you have no chance of being included.

Develop100UnionJackDevelop is also offering a full glossary of all 500 development studios in the UK (almost 90 of which are in Scotland, remember) and you can book ‘premium space’ in the directory, so everyone knows you’re there and how wonderful you are.  Remember the ‘less than 200 jobs and zero value report from last year?  That came about thanks to there being no real hard data about who’s out there and what they do.

Of course, the Scottish Games Network has been offering this – free – to companies in Scotland for several years now, which shows just how far ahead of the curve we are up here. It’s nice to see the rest of the industry slowly catching up.

Again, just to make sure we’re being clear here…

IF YOU ARE A DEVELOPER – You need to fill in the form.

It will make sure people can find you.  If people can find you, you can bring in new work.

It is NOT shameless.  It is not a sinister plot or scheme.  It is not PR.

Fill in the form already…

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