Impossible Road

Impossible Road

Pythagoras.  Newton.  Leibniz.  Lovelace.  Curie.  Einstein.  Jones.  Shakespeare.  Braben.  Crammond.  Molyneux.  Miyamoto.  Persson.  Ventura.  The list of luminaries, sages and other professional thinking persons is an illustrious roll call of history’s most creative visionaries.

Their achievements are legend.  Their legacy timeless.  These are the forerunners, the shining ones, the immortals who illuminate the darkness and lead mankind to further shores.

How does one join their ranks?  How does one see so far and reach, strive to become something other?  Effort.  Inspiration.  Passion. Thinking in a new way and refusing to accept the constraints and conventions accepted by ones peers and colleagues, but instead going boldly into the unknown and uncertain, despite ridicule, mockery and fear.

One informs and educates the rest of the world gradually.  Subtly.  Allowing them to consider, contemplate and comprehend one’s discoveries without stumbling, or choking on the implications.

So it is, with all greatness.

Feast then, upon this, the latest data from the stranger shores of the future of interactive entertainment, wherein Pixels On Toast are working, creating something new, something illuminating, something other.

Impossible Road…


We’ll be back tomorrow with more news, weather and updates from the outer limits of interactive awesome.  In the meantime, here’s Lindsey Buckingham, with Holiday Road…

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