Women In Scottish Games

Women In Scottish Games

Ms Pac-Man ChartI would like to announce a new group for all you ladies working in the games industry or looking to get a job in the industry. The aim it to emphasis the many positives in having a strong female presence in the industry.

Recently there have been several news reports on the problems some women have experienced in the industry and also girl gamers face at conventions. Questions have even been asked in the Scottish Parliament.

But who knows better what is really happening at the coal face than the ladies working as Developers, Artists, Producers, Games Company Directors, etc.

We are here! We do it by being very good at our jobs and an invaluable part of the teams we work in.

We would love to see more girls choosing a career in Games and have ideas for a project to educate girls about the Games Industry, and actively encourage girls by providing a career pathway into Games.

So, the first step was to set up a blog to keep everyone informed of upcoming events and initiatives. Thank you Brian for giving us a page on Scottishgames.net.

If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch at maxine@maxinedodds.co.uk



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