GameVial Brings Games To Chrome Store

gamevial logoEdinburgh’s GameVial is one of the best kept game development secrets in Scotland.  The company has created over 100 games which until recently, were available exclusively through the company’s own website.

In 2012, GameVial started to release some of its new games through the Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets.

Now the company is taking selected titles to Google’s Chrome store, making their titles available to players through their Chrome web browser.

fly-like-a-bird-3-2Five titles are so far available:

  • Lif – Which challenges layers to become the animals of the forest. Hunt, feed, forage and make baby animals…
  • Namaball – Sentry robot MMO tactical battle arena
  • Russia’s Army – Massively multiplayer online First Person Shooter
  • Team Tanks – A team-based 3rd person tank MMO
  • Fly Like A Bird 3 – Make nests! Lay eggs!  Fly!  Like a bird in fact…

The games are free to play and can be installed in your Chrome web browser instant access to the gaming goodness.

lifpromoGameVial has also just released their animal sim, Lif, for Android devices via the Google Play store.

Chrome is a platform that few developers are supporting thus far, despite TechCrunch reporting that by July 2012 users had downloaded and installed over 750,000,000 apps from the Chrome Store.  Support from developers continues and the Chrome Store boasts a wide range of games including hits like Plants Vs Zombies and Angry Birds.

Of course downloads and installs does not equal revenue, so we’d be interested to hear how developers supporting the Chrome App Store are finding the online App market, compared to their mobile counterparts.

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