GameVial Brings Games To Chrome Store

Edinburgh's GameVial is one of the best kept game development secrets in Scotland.  The company has created over 100 games which until recently, were available exclusively through the company's own website. In 2012, GameVial started to release some of its new games through the Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets. Now the company... Continue Reading →

Namaball & Lif – New Titles From Gamevial

Edinburgh's Gamevial is a development studio focusing on browser-based gaming.  The company is one of the most prolific developers in the country, having created around 100 titles, which can be found and played through the Gamevial website. Gamevial's titles can best be described as 'diverse'.  The company has released games including Russia's Army, a multi-player... Continue Reading →

Red Menace Threatens Scottish Gamers

The chances are that you've not come across GameVial before.  We're a fairly clued up and expert sort of channel and we were stunned, staggered and bewildered to sit next to them at the Cross Party Group on Videogames Technology and discover a whole new studio, right under our noses.  It was exactly the sort... Continue Reading →

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