Inceptional’s Light Hero Blasts Onto iOS

Inceptional’s Light Hero Blasts Onto iOS

Image1Edinburgh’s Inceptional hit the headlines late last year, with their initial release Save Santi, as well as news that the company was not the Hollywood movie, Inception.

Now Inceptional is back with its second title, Light Hero, a defiantly retro-styled shoot-em-up (or ‘shmup’ if you want to sound like you’re down with the gamers…), out NOW for iOS and OSX – your Mac, your iPhone, iPad and iPod, if you prefer.

Image8YOU are Light Star and you are the GREATEST PILOT IN THE GALAXY proclaims the game.  It is your mission to gather the space mineral Phosphorium.

First discovered inside the asteroid belt by astronomers in 2015 (not long now folks: editor).  Phosphorium has been used as the primary energy source on earth since 2045.

Image5Use your ship, the WARP STAR, to move into the path of the asteroids and switch your energy state to match their radioactive state and safely collect them.

Admiral Halcyon: Oh and make sure to avoid any asteroids this time, Light Star.

Image7So, what do we know?  It’s a mining and resource collecting game, where you blast Phosphorium into easily harvestable grains of ultimate power.

You have a spaceship, you shoot stuff.  The Admiral would quite like you to avoid hitting the asteroids.  Right there you have a recipe for much awesome retro shmup goodness.

Image11You can find Light Hero on the iOS App Store here.  Or the OSX App Store here.

You can find the company’s website here, Facebook page here and Twitter account here.

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