You Want Fame? Fame Costs! Right Here’s Where You Start Playin’…

You Want Fame? Fame Costs! Right Here’s Where You Start Playin’…


Updated: Game now in OPEN Beta

Ninja Kiwi, the company formerly known as Digital Goldfish is settling comfortably into its new life as the mobile arm of the New Zealand online gaming powerhouse.  The company’s latest release in its quest to be more awesomer, is Road To Fame, which is now in open beta over on Facebook.

SS2Road To Fame is a music industry simulation, in which players can rise from the merest amateur back bedroom plank spanker, to an almighty rock god(dess), bestriding the world and unleashing power chords of such ferocity that ears bleed, noses run and fans scream like unanaesthetised patients having a leg off.

Smooth jazz, soul sensation, or boy/girl pop stardom as also available, to ensure that every aspect of music is covered.  From practising in grandma’s house to busking in the park, it’s up to you how you take the world by storm.  Customise your character, choose your instrument and earn money to upgrade your kit, improve your look and save a little cash to have that hit man rub out Simon Cowell as a salutary lesson to moguls everywhere that it’s all about the music, man.

SS5If you would like to help TCFKADG (Ninja Kiwi) test the game and edge a little closer to the stardom (and groupies) you know you you really deserve, then join the closed beta.  To get started, go play the game.

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