Reloaded Celebrates 2nd Birthday With A Party Of Thousands

Reloaded Celebrates 2nd Birthday With A Party Of Thousands

reloaded productions logoFor many game developers, the studio’s second anniversary is a cause for celebration, which normally extends to a party, cake, free drink and general partying on down.

ReloadedDayLogo_cleanReloaded Productions recently celebrated it’s second birthday as a big grown-up studio with something a little more global and digital.  Players of the studio’s popular APB Reloaded title have been enjoying free premium status, competitions, gifts,  party favours and wardrobe updates, allowing them to join the party and have fun with the development team.  A universal 20% of everything in-game and the chance to win over $6,000 of credits has proven very popular with players around the world.

In addition, the company has been awarding long term players with additional rewards if they’ve been playing the game since the original closed and open beta periods.

ReloadedDayBlog_2Michael Boniface, the managing director of Reloaded Productions, told us: “It’s a very proud day for everyone here, and everyone involved in the success of APB Reloaded.  In the beginning, the scope of work involved in making APB Reloaded would have been intimidating even for a large team, saying nothing of a development team of just 13. Through hard work, dedication and passion for the game, we’re awed at what we accomplished, and look to a bright and exciting future of continued game development.”

The studio has also outlined some ambitious plans on the Reloaded blog, letting players know that the best is yet to come, with new content, game modes and ongoing development over the coming year.

ReloadedDayBlog_1We’re looking forward to receiving our official party bag, with cake, party blower, pointy hat, lock pick and compact machine pistol.

Happy birthday Reloaded.

ReloadedDayBlog_3It’s also worth pointing out that the ongoing success of APB Reloaded, after the game was pronounced dead on arrival shortly after its original release is a testament to the team and the success of the free-to-play model that the game is utilising.  Here’s to the next 12 months…

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