Dare Winners Scoop BAFTA Ones To Watch Award

Dare Winners Scoop BAFTA Ones To Watch Award

bafta games awardsIn addition to fame, glory, a cheque or two and the respect of the games industry as a whole, the three teams who won last year’s Dare to be Digital awards in August last year were also entered into the BAFTA Ones To Watch award at last night’s games awards.

The Ones To Watch award was created specifically for teams coming through Dare to be Digital. That’s rather a big deal. BAFTA does not regularly create new awards for existing types of media, or include student teams within their main award ceremonies. This makes the Ones To Watch award something quite unique and is yet another reason that Dare to be Digital really should be seen as something very special within the global games industry.

The teams who were competing in last night’s awards were:

Starcrossed - BAFTA Ones to Watch nominee 2013 - 2Starcrossed (Windows Phone 7) – Kind of a Big Deal (team leader Kimi Sulopuisto, Petri Liuska, Andrew MacLean, Minttu Meriläinen, Vili Viitaniemi)
Pixel Story - BAFTA Ones to Watch nominee 2013 - 1Pixel Story (PC) – Loan Wolf Games (team leader Martin Cosens, Luke Harrison, Ashley Hayes, Thomas McParland, Benjamin Rushton)

Project Thanatos - BAFTA Ones to Watch nominee 2013 - 1Project Thanatos (PC and virtual reality headset) – Raptor Games (team leader Hugh Laird, Andrew Coles, Tom Kemp, Tom Laird, Alexandra Shapland)

In the end, Kind Of A Big Deal (Star Crossed), walked off with the award and can begin, no doubt meteoric careers in the games world with BAFTA AWARD WINNING on their CV.

Congratulations to all three teams and extra special glee and delight to Kind Of A Big Deal on their success.

We’re looking forward to playing all three completed and released games at some point in the near future…


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