Reach For The Distant Star

Reach For The Distant Star

distant star 001Edinburgh’s Blazing Griffin is hard at work on a reboot, remake, redux or reimagining on their turn-based space strategy game, Distant Star.

The new version is due out in next next few months, but to help increase the galactic population and the audience for the game, the team at Blazing Griffin have made the original game free for the blink of a quasar’s eye.

If you’ve not come across Distant Star yet, the game is a classic strategy title, which challenges players to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate their way across the universe.

distant star 002Build your empire into an economic powerhouse, a technological wonder, or a military superpower.  Or a combination of all three…

The first 4X space game built specifically for iOS, Distant Star has intuitive touch controls and streamlined 4X mechanics, plus:

  • Multiple tech trees, research in each of which provides very different bonuses for your empire.
  • Three races with very different playstyles: traditional Humans, fungal Cephala, and the mechanical Apparat.
  • Randomized maps for replayability.
  • Competent (and challenging!) AI.
  • Full tutorial explaining complex mechanics like terraforming, fleet management, and how to grow your economy.

distant star 003You can get the game FREE over on the App Store now.  You can also keep up to date with progress on the game and on Blazing Griffin’s other titles, over on Twitter and on Facebook.

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