Explore The Dark Places Inside A Cobra

Explore The Dark Places Inside A Cobra

iBomber concept 001Getting news and information out of a game developer can be slightly more difficult than prising a tiny bear cub away from a mummy polar bear.  Getting rare and esoteric materials like logos, photographs or screenshots can be worse.

You might be an evil voodoo priest, planning to wreak mischief or discomfort upon the company.  Or terrifyingly, you might even want to use them on a website or magazine, where people could look at them, competitors could copy them or colleagues could sneer and chortle over the ham-fisted and cretinous efforts of this presumptuous upstart which thinks it can create games or something.

cobra concept 003This is, of course, preposterous.  Only a buffoon would consider releasing a game without letting people know, or releasing some information and materials beforehand.  Why, that would be like announcing a console, which you can’t actually see, because it’s secret.  Or possibly invisible, which would of course, be awesome.  Tres next gen, non?

cobra concept 001Which is an elaborately complex way of congratulating and celebrating Cobra’s decision to shine the spotlight of truth and transparency upon their activities and reveal more about the dark corners, unseen internals and concept creations they’ve been working on.  As well as more about the process itself.

The retrospective element means that Cobra is giving people an opportunity to see some of the concept art and prototypes the company has worked on in the recent past.  This has now moved on to videos of the development process and some behind the scenes footage of the more recent games being developed.

Cobra Concept 002Cobra is promising more to come over the next several months, with some major announcements lined up at the same time.

No word on what exactly they have up their sleeves, but we’re quite excited none the less.

You see ll of Cobra’s materials and keep up to date with their latest news, releases and announcements on the company’s Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or even, should you have a TARDIS, ‘bookmark’ their ‘website‘.

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